Many people have trouble finding a painting that is right style or size for them. As a result, my commissioned painting are becoming increasingly popular. To get started on a commissioned painting, click here to fill out inquiry form. 


Have you ever wanted a painting created just for you, in the size and aesthetic that fits you and your home perfectly?

Something finding the right painting that fit your style isn't always easy but with your vision Jeremiah can design and create any style of painting just for you. Whether it’s a memory, photograph or just an idea Jeremiah can create an artistic work of art that fit your need.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area contact Jeremiah for a free consultation.


Jeremiah have produced a wide range of residential and business lobby murals. Whether it’s an restaurant, hotel lobby, retail store or homeowner looking for exquisite hand-painted murals Jeremiah Page can design and create murals for any theme or style.

Whether you’re looking for sky mural for a ceiling or something for your kids bedroom. No mural project is too big or small.

As a professional visual art, Jeremiah produces high quality murals and artworks for any setting.

Make your space unique with custom murals and artwork by Jeremiah Page.


Fashion and art go hand in hand and for many people the art of fashion is a way of life. With his first clothing line Helix LLC, Jeremiah wanted to create clothing that represent his artwork as well as his personal style. After Helix, Jeremiah created New School Nation, a clothing company founded out of the need to bring together different social groups that form our culture. Over the years, Jeremiah have created customized clothing for clients to find their personal unique fashion and artistic style. Whether it’s taking an old sneaker and giving them a fresh look or doing custom painting job on bag and other personalized items.

You can share the gift of art in the most fashionable way.

Shop now or create your own.