Portrait Of An Artist

Jeremiah Page was born in Philadelphia, Pa. A gifted artist at a young age he would always find himself admiring the artworks of other artist and his father. Growing up around art it gave him the freedom to express himself as an individual. Jeremiah would always try to decipher the meaning behind the work of other artists as well as his dad’s trying to see it from their perspective but as well as his own.

Jeremiah graduated from Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. He later pursued a higher education at the Community College of Philadelphia for architecture but found that his passion was to be an artist. To create artwork about subjects that may be considered mundane or may be fantastic and offer viewers an interpretation which will allow them to transcend the barriers of preconceived notions about what or whom something is supposed to be.

As an artist Jeremiah feels that it’s his job to dig deeper past the shell and reveal nuances of who people really are because people in general always have a facade that they portray to the world as to how they wish to be seen.

Jeremiah Page is inspired by illustrations, comics and portraits.